Cheap Florida Auto Insurance

Cheap Florida Auto Insurance:

4 Tips for Your Teenage Driver


Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a parent (or the rest of humanity for that matter) than a teenager with a license to drive. After you have shot down the idea of a bright shiny car (and laughed because they thought you’d actually buy them 22 inch rims to boot), you have probably started easing your teenager into the idea of driving on a budget and caring for their own expenses.

If you live in Florida, chances are you have also already been searching for cheap Florida auto insurance – something that keeps them legal without you having to take out a second mortgage on the house but is that really enough to make sure you don’t have to come out of pocket too much where your kid’s driving is concerned? Read on to find out or visit and get a quote today.


Avoid the Lure of the Drive Thru

There is nothing wrong with grabbing food on the go but if your teen does this daily it can get pricy and fast. Instead teach your teen about keeping items in the car that aren’t perishable, snacks and drinks that are easy to eat on the go without the need to spend money. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who would not be tempted by the golden arches if they had a snack readily available.


Create a “Start Up” for Your Kid

Cheap Florida auto insurance isn’t the only way to save a buck. There are many great websites and apps right now that allow you to create a start up for just about anything. It is a great way for family and friend, even complete strangers, to donate to a cause. It doesn’t have to be charitable. Many startups are for producing movies for goodness sakes. Grandma and grandpa may want to invest in their grandchild. You can too. Not only does this help out in the long run but it teachers your child to budget and deal with larger sums of money to pay bills.


Taking the Bus Once a Week

To this your teen will no doubt roll their eyes. I mean after all the whole lure of the car is to pull up in style on your own right? But if your teen takes the bus just once a week, it will save on gas and limit the amount of money being shelled out. And if they are honest – they would much rather spend that gas taking out a date on the weekend.


Carpooling to Practices

If your teen has practices for sports or another hobby in the evening, carpooling is a great way to save money. Teens can take turns driving to the event. Not only is it for the kids but it also helps to save a few bucks. However, if your teen’s friends are notoriously bad (or better yet horrible) drivers this is a bad idea. It’s better to dish out the dough than to have to worry about little Deena-bad-driver.

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Are you considering the Mendota Insurance Company for your insurance needs?

If you have been searching high and low for the right insurance company to assist you with all of your insurance needs (including auto insurance as well as flood insurance), you are going to be very pleasantly surprised with the breadth of services offered by the Mendota Insurance Company.

Widely considered to be one of the very best insurance agencies across the United States (and certainly one of the very best services in the state of Florida), you are going to be absolutely blown away by the volume of coverage offered by the Mendota Insurance Company – but it’s the customer service and support, the fast, efficient, and fair claims services, and the advanced tools and technologies that this company uses that have gained it a legion of very happy customers and clients.

Some of the best customer service in the insurance industry

There are very few people indeed in the United States (or all over the world, for that matter) that are too terribly excited at the prospect of ringing up the customer service department of their insurance agency – eagerly anticipating dealing with these professionals in the event of an emergency situation.

For any different number of reasons (some of them earned, and some of them not), people just aren’t all that “jacked up” at the prospect of talking to their insurance agents – even when they know they absolutely, positively must do so to begin the claims process.

Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about this being an issue when you decide to move forward with the Mendota Insurance Company. Retaining the services of some of the best customer service specialists in the United States (insurance industry or otherwise), these are the kinds of customer service representatives you have always envisioned speaking to.

Fast, efficient, and fair claims service for each and every single client

You are also going to truly appreciate the fast, efficient, and fair claims process that each and every single insurance case goes through.

Thanks to a standardized system of rating different claims, while at the same time leveraging all of the specific data and evidence on hand to reach a conclusion rather quickly, you’ll never have to worry about waiting weeks and weeks (or even months) before finding out exactly how your insurance agency intends to proceed.

Tight integration of advanced tools and technologies to guarantee you get the kind of coverage you deserve

All of the major benefits above would not be possible without the tight integration of new advanced tools and technologies that some insurance agencies across the world have yet to fully implement or adapt – the kinds of advanced tools and technologies that the Mendota Insurance Company has been in bracing for some time now

You’re going to reap major benefits when you move forward with such a forward thinking insurance agency, as they will be providing you with top-flight coverage as well as response times in the event of you needing to leverage the insurance in the first place.

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What You Need to Know About Florida Home Insurance When You Don’t Live There


It is a wonderful thing when you reach that time in your life where you are able to purchase a second home.  Sometimes it is for investment purposes, like a rental property or just for leisure like a vacation home.  Whatever you need Florida home insurance for, if you don’t plan on making this home your primary one, there are some things you need to know that will allow you to make sure that you have the right coverage and the peace of mind in knowing that should disaster befall your home in Florida, that your policy will back you up financially if you sustain damages. If you prefer you can skip ahead and get a Florida home insurance quote here.


If Your Home Is A Rental


In case you did not know, the regular home owner’s policy in most any state where your property is a rental, vacation-type or otherwise, is not sufficient to satisfy regulations. It is also not enough to take care of business should your property sustain damage at the hands of a renter or a tenant.  These kinds of properties have their own types of policies and you need to know what they are and why you need them.  It is not enough to say, “we didn’t know,” to your agent if there is incorrect coverage for your home.  The worst thing that can possibly happen is to hear, “your policy does not cover that.”  Get in the know now, before you get left out in the cold.


Now, if you have a second home and every once in a while, say 2 or 3 times a year you rent it out to friends or friends of friends, a regular policy will usually suffice. We’re talking about a rental property that takes in renters on a regular basis.  These are the types of scenarios that the insurance companies will care about and scrutinize for coverage should there be something that happens.


Regular Rentals Require Different Coverage


There are different levels of coverage when you have rental property.  What you need really depends on what you want covered and how much.  It also depends on state regulations and your own Florida homeowners insurance company’s requirements as well. It is best to sit down with an agent and discuss the particular interests and uses your second home will have to be sure that you are getting the right coverage.  Typical extreme weather conditions in your home’s area need to be considered as well.  If your home is subject to hurricane damage, you will need to make sure that you are covered for that and what you need to know about securing your home properly so that you will.  Discuss any of those specifics with your agent to be sure that you understand what your responsibility is in the situation of extreme weather conditions.  Below are the usual levels of coverage for a rental property.


Are There Different Types of Florida Home Insurance?


The first and most basic rental policy is the DP-1 policy.  All this policy usually will cover are the very basics for fire or vandalism, because that can happen in the case of a rental property.  Not everyone who rents from you is going to care about maintaining your home or even make you aware that they’ve damaged anything. The police need to be notified and forms filled out, but you don’t want to be the one left holding the bag if a renter doesn’t do the right thing by you and your house.  All you get with this coverage for damages is the actual value of something.  It will likely not cover all that is needed to replace what has been damaged. You will want to discuss this in detail with your agent.


A DP-2 policy is the second level of coverage for rental property. It covers the basics that you should have in order to rent out your property plus some others.  It covers things like hail damage, sustained damage from a windstorm, the usual fire coverage and also vandalism.   Most of the time, these policies will also cover you if a car collides into your home.


The DP-3 policy is what most homeowners who rent really want when they are seeking coverage on their second home.  This policy is more of an open policy, meaning unless the policy specifically says, “it won’t cover______, ” then it is covered.  It is more money than the other two but the benefit of this type of coverage is that it covers the actual cost of replacement rather than just cash value of something that is depreciated because it was 10 years old when it was damaged.  The difference is significant when you consider the cash value of a 15 year roof versus the cost of paying to replace one with a new one. If you are concerned about out-of-pocket expenses for damages, then this policy is likely the one you are looking for.  Make sure you understand what you are getting before you sign anything.


Additional Types of Florida Home Insurance To Consider


There are other things to consider taking advantage of for coverage that you may not be aware of.  For instance, if your furnace breaks and needs replacing, that can be a costly expense for your rental property that you will need to pay to have replaced, meanwhile you cannot rent it out while it is broken.  There are types of policies that you can purchase additionally that will cover those expenses so you don’t have to pay them out-of-pocket.  There are also policies for loss of rental income, should your home sustain damage and you are not able to rent it out. Landlord’s liability insurance is also available and always advised.  You will want to be protected from slip-and-fall injuries or other types of personal injury claims against you.


A bit of research and working with a reputable agent like will help you make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities for insurance as a landlord.  It is good to know what is the right coverage and great to have!

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